3 Tips on smooth Weight-Loss Control After Gastric Sleeve

There are many tips on efficient weight-loss control after the sleeve gastrectomy. However, bariatric professionals name 3 critical aspects that help to maintain holistic weight-loss management. So, what are those three steps that embrace a healthy balance and enable to achieve long-lasting results?

Nutrition and supplements

As there are many recognized clinics globally, there is no surprise many patients find their ideal clinic abroad. If so, there is one essential criterion – an innovative team of medics who can consult you over a distance. Suppose you do your research on gastric sleeve Lithuania. Then, seek a clinic that gathers medics specializing in different fields of:

  • Medical testing
  • Sports
  • Nutrition
  • Endocrinology
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Etc.

Before and after any surgical intervention, you’ll get recommendations on needed supplements and a nutrition plan. It’s vital to stick to the strict daily menu for effective weight-loss control after the operation. It might sound challenging, but there are many alternative or plant-based products to change the habitual ones.

Active lifestyle

An active lifestyle is a simply inseparable factor while reaching a life-lasting result. Now, the most important thing here is following bariatric sports specialist recommendations. You’ll start with walking, then move on to light cardio, and finally – resistance training.

The first year after the procedure, the activity plan concentrates on strengthening your body in general, not targeting the abdominal area. A healthy routine leads to faster excess weight loss. Not to mention many other perks, such as increased energy level and impact on better heart function.

Healthy mindset

Finally, bariatric experts stress the importance of a healthy attitude towards body change. There is no shortcut, so restricting your body from the recommended food norm would worsen the situation physically and emotionally. The same applies to exhausting your body with too much physical activity.

Keep in mind – this is not a temporary treatment. It’s your new lifestyle. And you want to make it balanced, healthy, and joyful, right? That’s why weight management is not only about losing weight but more about finding balance.

What comes out of those 3 essential steps? Maybe, that you should begin the journey with the right mindset. And one more thing – find like-minded professionals who share a holistic weight control philosophy. Whether it’s sleeve gastrectomy or any other surgery.

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