A high-quality full-spectrum CBD has so much potential to treat various inflammatory and painful illnesses in our bodies. It can help us in overcoming symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can make us feel more focused at work and hence increase our productivity. There are many other benefits that CBD can offer that are evident from the testimony of millions of existing CBD users.

CBD oil can be consumed in many forms: as oil drops placed sublingually, by mixing it with food, using CBD flowers for smoking, eating CBD gummies, and vaping. Vaping is generally considered the most potent form of CBD consumption.

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How to use vape cartridges?

If you have never used vaping techniques ever in your life, we will list step-by-step procedures about the correct vaping technique in this article.

Vaping is a very potent technique that can deliver high-concentration of pure CBD because the vaping extract is obtained from the most purified and safest extraction methods used in the cannabis industry. When combined with live resin terpenes, vaping is a flavorful technique of inhaling vaporized cannabinoids.

A vape cartridge comes with an electronic battery that generates power to allow the atomizer inside the cartridge to vaporize CBD extract which is then inhaled by the user.

The following steps elaborate the entire process of vaping:

  • The 3 major parts of a vape cartridge are the mouthpiece, a small tank containing hemp oil, and a battery.
  • The battery used is a 510- threaded battery which is a universal battery that can be used with any vaping device.
  • When you first receive your CBD cartridge, the battery and cartridge will be separated in the packaging that you will need to assemble.
  • Attach the battery to the cartridge as per the brand instructions. Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Most of the vape cartridges nowadays come loaded with hemp oil. If yours does not contain the vaping extract, you will need to fill the cartridge tank with the calculated amount.
  • Choose the desired temperature setting and switch on the battery settings.
  • The last step is to provide suction with your mouth using the mouthpiece.
  • The suction will automatically start the atomizer which will then generate power from the battery to heat the hemp extract and create its vapors.
  • Lastly, inhale deeply and relax to enjoy a flavorful vaping experience with CBD.

If the battery starts discharging, you will need to charge it back with a micro-USB cord provided in your package.

Vape cartridges are available in different hemp concentrations usually in standard sizes of 500-1200 mg. If you want your cartridge to last longer, choose a higher concentration and ensure that the battery is fully charged before operating the vape pen. A full cartridge of about 1200 mg can provide a daily vaping experience for about 10-20 days.

However, if you are looking to experience a high, these cartridges are not for you because they lack the psychoactive substance called THC in them. They will only help you feel more relaxed and are generally used for their health benefits.

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