Despite the fact that many divorce settlements may be completed peacefully, some might be more difficult, especially when it comes to the financial disclosure necessary to establish a fair financial settlement. Many individuals are anxious that their exes may reject or be dishonest about financial disclosure. Others may be unwilling to disclose their money and income and will thus refuse to do so. Rhino Family Mediation Peterborough

In our Comprehensive Guide to Financial Disclosure, we explain what must be valued and why complete disclosure protects you from future claims.

No matter which of the eleven strategies to obtain a financial settlement you choose, you must know what is in the “family pot” in order to reach a fair settlement.

If you cannot reach an agreement and wind up in court, the court needs both parties to submit a standard disclosure form, known as Form E, and present supporting documentation in order to determine how family assets should be divided. This includes company accounts if you operate a business, independent property appraisals, and 12 months’ worth of bank statements for each checking and savings account you possess.

Financial Disclosure

In addition to a complete financial declaration, you must also provide information about your personal circumstances and future aspirations. The requested information may seem excessive and superfluous, but it is important to secure the validity of the binding legal consent decree. You don’t want a missing savings account to be held against you, say, five years after your divorce and force you to restart the whole procedure! Providing complete and honest financial disclosure might involve:

  •   Twelve-month bank statement
  •   Three months of pay stubs
  •   Property, savings, and investment information
  •   Value estimation of any business concerns
  •   Proof of any obligations
  •   Income from trusts
  •   Most recent P60 or tax return
  •   Pension valuations
  •   Business valuation
  •   Your earnings
  •   Your liabilities

Can I Refuse Financial Disclosure?

It is not suggested that you refuse to divulge normal financial information, since this would eliminate many of the 11 alternatives for reaching an agreement and force the opposing party to petition for a court-issued financial order.

The procedure of going to court to get a final verdict is not a fast one, and if you are represented by a lawyer or attorney, they will charge you more than £20,000 plus VAT for the three hearings. This procedure typically takes 11.5 months in the United Kingdom.

Consider the consequences of failing to provide a complete and honest financial disclosure:

  •   It is probable that your case will be heard in court.
  •   If you are represented in court, you will pay significant legal expenses.
  •   If you refuse to provide financial disclosure or other information that the court demands, you may be responsible for the opposing party’s legal fees.
  •   The court may also consider your conduct when determining the total monetary judgement. You may wind up with less, even if that falls short of your future requirements.
  •   Being in contempt of court might result in a fine or possibly imprisonment.
  •   If it is later shown that you were dishonest in a disclosure, your consent order may be revoked – even many years later – and you will have to begin the procedure from the beginning. With a fresh, accurate, and up-to-date financial disclosure.

For failing to provide financial information or providing misleading information, the court may opt to impose a fine or term of jail in severe situations.

For current case law on how a judge considers financial disclosure activity. By refusing to submit a complete financial declaration and by transferring assets out of his name, the spouse in this instance impeded the proceeding and raised the other party’s expenses unduly.

In this verdict, the court determined that, despite the fact that his decision would not fulfil the husband’s future needs, to do so would be unjust due to his actions. In accordance with family law, an individual’s conduct during the negotiation of a contract might influence future requirements. Because of this, it is crucial to behave properly and responsibly while declaring your assets to one another.

Spouse Refusing Financial Disclosure

If you suspect that your former spouse has not provided a complete financial disclosure, you will have the option to raise questions and seek further information and documentation throughout family mediation, solicitor-led negotiation, and finally the court process.

If you suspect that your spouse has not or will not reveal all assets or has been dishonest about their money, we propose that you seek disclosure via family mediation using Form E, which is accompanied by a signed declaration of truth. Then, you may use a fixed-fee legal counsel package to discuss the information revealed and the questions you need to ask.

The first phase of the four-step procedure in family mediation for financial concerns is to reveal and finally agree on the whole financial picture. During the mediation session, this occurs in a controlled and secure atmosphere. It safeguards the integrity of the process and enables both parties to give, question, review, and ultimately consent to the financial disclosure.

Common Questions On Disclosure

Must We Provide A Complete Financial Disclosure?

To achieve a final settlement, complete financial disclosure is not required. However, it is suggested that you both complete one.

The bare minimum is the information needed on Form D81, which is the value of any:

  • Properties
  • Assets
  • Pensions
  • Liabilities
  • Income

If a high-level disclosure is agreed upon via family mediation, you will be required to sign a disclaimer to cover the fact that the disclosure has not been broken down into individual assets, leaving it potentially susceptible to dispute in the future.

How do we prevent financial disclosure?

If you and your partner establish a financial agreement, you may implement it and forego financial disclosure. For any arrangement to be legally enforceable or to get a clean break consent decree, prohibiting a future claim against you even many years after the divorce, you would need to disclose your finances.

What Occurs If My Husband Refuses To Fill Out Form E?

It is possible that you will wind up in court, where the judge will order you to fill out Form E. Failure to do so may result in an order that is harsher than what they would have received if they had provided complete financial information; they may suffer extra legal bills and be ordered to pay your legal fees as well. In the end, they might be found in contempt of court and punished or incarcerated.

When Requested, Should A Complete Financial Disclosure Be Made?

Yes, it is preferable to provide all financial information. There is nothing to be achieved by attempting to impede or prolong the process. You will likely wind up in court, where you will be required to disclose your finances and suffer much higher charges.

How Far Back Does A Financial Disclosure Go?

Typically, bank statements only go back 12 months, but there may be instances when you need to look farther back for evidence. Each case is evaluated on its own merits, although it is quite unusual to obtain bank statements older than three years, and then only for a compelling cause. Remember that who contributed or paid for what throughout a marriage is almost never considered when determining the total financial settlement.

Can a financial disclosure be agreed in mediation?

Absolutely, yeah. And even if you are unable to achieve a comprehensive agreement through mediation, merely agreeing to your financial disclosure can save you thousands of pounds compared to using a lawyer for the same task. Remember that 90% of customers of BRAND obtain an agreement via mediation.

My Ex-Partner Has Informed Me That They Will Not Provide A Financial Disclosure And/Or I Know They Will Be Dishonest. May I Proceed Directly To Court?

You must at least explore family mediation via an MIAM before proceeding to court. And you spouse should have the opportunity to make a complete financial declaration as part of a mediation process, especially if they told you otherwise.

In such circumstances, we recommend initiating the family mediation process and seeing what, if any, information is offered. This will demonstrate to the court that you attempted to behave properly and appropriately. It also allows the other side to make a disclosure, and you may examine the evidence and ask questions in a secure setting. See our blog post titled “Will it look bad if I decline family mediation?” for more information on this topic.

Where May I Access Further Information?

You may schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a member of our team who will explain how family mediation can help you agree on a financial disclosure and achieve a fair financial settlement.

BRAND is a family mediation service with several awards. We provide fixed-fee mediated and surrender decision programs (when there is no agreement) and repaired facilitated and consent decision products (when there is an agreement in principle) – and all legal documentation has always been produced my our highly skilled family law attorneys.

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