Currently, online shopping has become part of the lifestyle of modern society. Almost all items can now be purchased online, one of which is fragrances. You only need to see the color, size, and content of what ingredients are the densest in the perfume packaging and if it suits your taste, then you can buy many of the latest fragrances from this online buying and selling sites.

One site that provides a wide selection of fragrances is Roxie. At Roxie, you can buy all fragrances at very affordable prices. Not only fragrances, but Roxie also provides some cosmetics and skincare that you can buy.

If you don’t have time to go buy perfume and smell the aroma right away, there are 7 tips on buying fragrances online that you can do to get a fragrance according to your needs and desires.


Tips for buying fragrances online, the first is to find out what scent is your favorite so far. After that, visit the site of your target online store. It is also necessary to find out the strength of the fragrance, such as aroma resistance to reviews from loyal users.


Fragrances actually not only make your body smell good, but fragrances actually also aim to bring your relationship with your partner or colleague closer. So, do not use fragrances that have a strong smell when you are in a crowded place, such as an office or campus, because it can disturb the people around you. The fragrance itself has several scents such as citrus, aquatic, sport, floral, oriental, woody, and so on.


The color of the fragrance also needs attention. Fragrances that have a blue or clear color usually describe freshness such as water or citrus scents. Meanwhile, fragrances that have a gold color can give the impression of luxury or an exotic impression. This fragrance is suitable for use at night. Green fragrances, usually give a natural aroma, while red fragrances can have an oriental aroma.


Various kinds of fragrance names have a purpose as a description of the fragrance character that you can choose from. The names are passion, dark, water, intense, and night. Usually, the word black or night in Fragrances describes the character of a perfume that has a masculine aroma so it is suitable for use at night, while the word fresh or light can provide freshness so that it is suitable for use during the day.


The next tip for buying fragrances online is to look for fragrances that smell familiar to you.

Choose according to skin type

For those who have normal skin, it will be easy to use various types of fragrances. It’s different for people with oily, dry, or sensitive skin.

Oily skin

Natural oils on the skin layer will react when spraying fragrances to make the aroma last longer. But if too much body oil will create an unpleasant aroma. fragrances without musk or earth notes, citrus or floral scents, and summer fragrances are suitable for oily skin.

Dry skin

Excessive use of fragrances is not good for the skin but dry skin will make the fragrances disappear quickly. fragrances for winter are suitable for owners of dry skin. The aroma tends to be strong and can withstand dry or cold conditions.

Sensitive skin

fragrances with strong scents and ingredients that are harsh on the skin are not good for sensitive skin. Choose a fragrance without a synthetic fragrance by paying attention to the product label when buying it.

Tips for buying fragrances online can’t be rushed and it takes special steps and time to decide on the right Fragrances for your daily use. However, if you carefully buy fragrances, then you can find a fragrance that suits you.

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