Translation of Portuguese Marriage Certificate – What does it involve

Translation of Portuguese Marriage Certificate – What does it involve?

Now that you have decided to get your Portuguese marriage certificate translated, it is time to learn of the documents you may need to send to the translator:

  • A professionally scanned copy of the original Portuguese marriage certificate without removing or redacting any sections. You use a mobile application or a scanner connected to a computer.
  • Complete contact details such as full name, permanent or residual address, email address, and phone number in case of an emergency contact.
  • Any other document the translation service may request as a supplement to the original wedding certificate. Don’t forget to double-check, so nothing is left out!

The unfortunate reality is that original wedding certificates will not be realized in the United Kingdom or anywhere globally unless translated into the native language by a trustworthy business. Therefore, always ask the linguistic service you intend to hire if they provide certified translations. Otherwise, continue your search.

Kings of Translation provide the following services:

  • We provide a professional translator against the original document. For example, a Portuguese marriage certificate is translated by a native Portuguese speaker who is excellent in translation.
  • An independent linguistic professional checks the Portuguese marriage certificate after its initial translation to remove errors if any. Kings of Translation does not compromise on quality.
  • Kings of Translation has trained professionals to follow the format and layout guidelines of the original document.
  • Our establishment provides a certified translation on Kings of Translation letterhead, which is further authenticated by our stamp and signature.

How is Kings of Translation different?

  • Most translation services will completely sideline translations provided by their clients. They only certify translations provided to them. However, when the translation has been approved as accurate at Kings of Translation, we will attest to it.
  • We do not practice professional standards of original scanned certificates. Documents such as Portuguese marriage certificates need to be eligible enough for our translators.
  • Some translation services only change the name of the particulars while keeping the remaining form in the original language. We do not provide such an unfaithful service.

Our notary services are part of the translation package. We do not charge extra for authenticating the Portuguese marriage certificate translation provided by us.

Why is notary a necessary step in translation services?

Some legal processes require a certified copy for the application to move forward. Therefore, do not worry if you are asked for a certified copy. The applicant and the translator would need to appear in front of a public notary to take a faithful oath. The notary public requires original documentation for this process.

When notary charges are combined with translation services, the expense may increase significantly. You are paying for the translation services, the time for the notary to take the oath, the notary charges, and administrative expenses. However, if your requirement does not contain notoriety or certification, simply pay for the translation charges.

About Us

Kings of Translation Birmingham translation agency studies the requirements to identify whether or not notarized certification is required. Different ministries or authorities practice jurisdiction differently. Therefore, we aim to save resources and time for our translators and our clients. Call us at +44 7588 074088 or email to contact our representative.

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