You Should Know this While Designing Your Email Campaigns

Emails are no more designed with a single width and simple layouts. 

Today’s email marketing design is shaped by responsive emails and helps you extensively to convey your brand’s message to your target prospects. 

There are many things you must know while designing your email campaigns. 

In this article, we will look at a few things.

Identify the Best Email Lookup Tool – to Find Email Addresses

Designing your email campaigns takes a lot of effort; hence, building a prospect list with only the correct email addresses is vital.

This is possible when you have the ideal email lookup tool such as to find email addresses accurately. is an email lookup tool that uses a machine-learning algorithm and big data to locate the business email address of your prospects in a few seconds.

If you are a Fashion Brand;

Fashion businesses are more image-centric, and the industry is moving to live text. 

But, why? 

There are prospects who don’t load images, and if you wish to ensure that your message still reaches them, you can achieve this with live text.

Hence, even though the central part of your email is going to be images, you would still be able to convey messages to people who wouldn’t load the pictures.

Therefore, next time you plan to design an email campaign, ensure that it has live text included.

Make Your Emails Interactive

You can add a hover effect in your email. This is a simple interactive element that can impact your emails to a great extent.

The hover effect is highly popular when it is about highlighting text. Apart from text, you can also add this effect to images, CTA, etc.

If you have not noticed this before, go check your inbox. I am sure you would find many.

Multilingual Emails Can be a Challenge

When you are designing multilingual emails, it’s pretty challenging to ensure better responsiveness and inbox preview.

The primary issue is the difference in word length in different languages. For instance, an email designed in English might not allow lengthy words in German.

Hence, it would help significantly if you look at things that might result in issues on mobile devices. 

Once you are ready with the design, you need to work on the font size, weights, margins, padding, etc. In a modular system, it becomes even more complicated to test different things. 

You can simplify this by coding a structure that supports all languages unescorted by any particular changes for different languages.

Once you build such a structure, you may then test all languages one by one and then code for the language that is longer.

Shortly, the best way to conquer the multilingual email challenges is to conduct test, test, test!

Final Thoughts

I hope you will remember the above-discussed key things while designing email campaigns.

It’s always recommended to follow the best practices and never take shortcuts. Only then can you be sure of getting the best ROI on their email.

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