Your guide to increasing dental enquiries on your website

There are new and new dental practices that keep coming up. There is a need to keep up with the competition especially in the world of the internet. Getting started with a dental chat bot on your website can really amp up your game. It can make things a lot easier for any potential patient. They can share their queries or even simply book an appointment. However, getting started with a dental chatbot on your website can be quite technical. We are here to help you with that.

What should you be doing to increase online dental enquiries on your website?

Having customer service on your website can really help to attract potential patients as it makes them feel that you are more receptive. When you can communicate with them, it makes you a more dependable option. As the bot is available 24 hours a day, 365 days, it makes it easier for the patient to reach out to you. Even if you are unreachable, the bot will be able to get the questions and any information that might be required. This will also help to build trust. When the bot can answer the questions correctly, it will help to instil trust in your client. There is a feature of the pot which makes it possible to provide the correct information and the availability.

Another way how the bot can help to increase your online dental inquires is by providing personalized experiences to each customer. When you pay attention to design and even optimize it for mobile, it becomes more accessible for customers. If you can provide a personalized customer experience, then it will only attract more and more customers. When the chat box appears on the screen, the bot would be ready to answer all the patient’s questions, feeling that they are having a customized interaction. Having a ‘Chat Live’ option available during working hours can help the patient connect to an actual person.

What are some of the questions that the bot can answer?

Once you have decided to get a chatbot, you need to program it with some of the most frequently asked questions. We have listed some of those questions for you.

Questions related to First Dental appointment

If they are a potential client visiting you for the first time, then they are likely to ask about the first appointment. You can program questions like “Should I call to make an appointment?” “Can I make an appointment on the website?” “Do I have to arrive early for the first appointment?”

Questions regarding Preventive care

Some of the potential clients will ask questions regarding preventive care. Even though this might not always mean that it would convert into them being your client. Answering these questions can help your reputation and build trust amongst your potential patients. Answering the questions will help them to decide whether they can get in touch with you when they are looking for a dentist. These questions can include, ‘What is plaque?’ ‘What kind of toothpaste and toothbrush to use?’

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